March 2024 Habersham County Pickleball Club

Happy Spring!

Hi Peeps!

Daffodils, the symbol of SPRING! It’s as if nature is waking up from a long slumber, ready to burst forth and announce to the world that winter is over and it’s time to embrace the beauty of new beginnings.

As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, so does the excitement and activity within our Club. Like a garden coming to life, our club is bursting with growth. Our reputation as a dynamic and welcoming club attracts attention from the wider pickleball community and draws more players to join us and be a part of the exciting evolution we are experiencing.

This season of growth includes two additional Drill Groups, making a total of four for our Club. I want to acknowledge the generosity and dedication of the Volunteer Leaders of all FOUR Drill Groups. These volunteer leaders/coaches are truly priceless treasurers within our club. They selflessly share their expertise, passion, and time to help others elevate their game. The impact of their generosity demonstrates their desire to pay it forward; the true value of their time and talents goes far beyond any material measure.

Finally, as we hop into the heart of spring, anticipation mounts for our upcoming PickleSham Pallooza Tournament May 3-4. Preparations are in full swing; committees are being created and we hope YOU will say YES when asked to join us to provide another top-notch event. Just as spring promises new beginnings and growth, our club’s future shines brightly with endless possibilities and opportunities for everyone to flourish. Let’s bloom together!



Pickleball Central has reinstated the Club Rewards Program. This program provides YOU with a 5% discount on any purchase (paddle, balls, etc.) and our Club will receive 5% credit in reward points. These points accrue for the Club and are given out after the end of year. We use these credits towards the purchase of balls or an item that will benefit our Club. At checkout, use the code: CRHabersham


The MYPadl bands (for paddle identification) are in. Please reach out to Rachael Delise (762-438-5132) to arrange for pick-up OR to make payment. ($7 each, cash or check to HCPC).


Are you ready to showcase your love for Habersham County Pickleball in style? Who wants a new Habersham Pickleball Club shirt, hoodie, hat, or visor? Represent our Club while showcasing your skills. Click Here for OPTIONS and ORDER form.


Reminder: Our Play-In Guidelines are POSTED on the outdoor courts. The guidelines are based on our MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Habersham County Parks and Recreation Department. This agreement allows us to guide the use of the Public Courts during scheduled hours and suggest guidelines during all other hours. Please be mindful of and follow these guidelines and be respectful of the ‘court coaches’ as they direct court usage. No court ‘belongs’ to any group or skill level, these are public courts. When there are a large number of players, court assignments could be changed based on the protocol approved by the MOU. Thank you for your cooperation.


Have you registered to PLAY in the PickleSham Palooza Tournament? If not, head on over to, create an account (if you don’t have one), find a partner, and GET SIGNED UP TODAY. Also, when asked to volunteer, we know we can count on YOU for a YES!


Your Board welcomes YOU to visit our monthly meetings. To more easily accommodate your participation, we’ve changed the location to the Aquatic Center (in the meeting room). This will allow space for seating if you’d like to join us. We realize allowing easier access to the meetings will provide transparency and will give you the opportunity for your thoughts to be heard. We will include time on the agenda for your questions and comments. Our next meeting is April 18th at 12:30.

And That’s a WRAP!

Paddles up, Toe the line, and DINK positive!

Peggy Fortson
President, Habersham County Pickleball Club, Inc.
Ambassador, Habersham County, GA
Phone: 770.366.3351