June 2024 Habersham County Pickleball Club

Wrapping Up June

Hi Peeps!

As we come to the end of June, we want to thank everyone for making the start of our summer pickleball season such a success! The courts have been buzzing with excitement, and it’s been wonderful to see so many faces, both new and familiar.

The result of this growth of our pickleball community is often an overflow of players on the courts. It’s important to ensure that everyone gets a fair and enjoyable playing experience. In addition, it’s important that you remain aware of the dangers of the extreme heat we are experiencing this summer.

Reminders for you:

  1. Hydration and Safety: Stay hydrated and take breaks to avoid overheating. Remember, your health and safety are paramount.
  2. Community Spirit: Foster a sense of community by welcoming new players and encouraging good sportsmanship and appropriate court behavior. Let’s make pickleball enjoyable for everyone!
  3. Respect the Rules: Following the rules ensures smooth play and a positive experience for all. Respect the posted GUIDELINES, respect the court monitors, respect each other, and have fun!
  4. Court Conditions: Please help keep our courts in good shape. If you see an area that needs repair, please let me know and I’ll submit a Work Order. If you witness any misuse of our courts (food on courts, trash being left, chewing gum being spit out, jumping over the middle fence, etc.) please speak up and ask for respect of this County Property.

Thank you all for a fantastic June. Here’s to more great games and memorable moments in the months ahead. Let’s enjoy a fantastic summer of pickleball together!

Happy playing!



EXCITING NEWS! We have our BAG TAGS in the house and ready for purchase! Proudly have your ID on your Pickleball Bag and support our Club. The tags are $5.00 each; ask a Board Member to purchase yours today!


Storage Room Security

Our storage room contains valuable equipment, including recently added equipment owned by the County. To ensure the security and protection, we will soon be changing the lock on the storage room.

Only authorized persons (Board Members, Drill Leaders, and Instructors) will have access to the new Lock Code. This change is essential to safeguard our valuable equipment and County Property.

The new lock and code will be implemented shortly. Please stay tuned for the exact date and further instructions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


We’re not quite ready yet, but soon we’ll announce the new plan for ordering HCPC shirts, hats, etc. This option will allow you to make your selection and place the order when you want it. Stay tuned!


Our Board welcomes you to visit our monthly meetings. To more easily accommodate your participation, we’ve changed the location to the Aquatic Center (in the meeting room). This will allow space for seating if you’d like to join us. We realize allowing easier access to the meetings will provide transparency and will give you the opportunity for your thoughts to be heard. We will include time on the agenda for your questions and comments. Your Board is taking a break in July! Our next meeting is August 21st at 12:30.

And That’s a WRAP!

Paddles up, Toe the line, and DINK positive!

Peggy Fortson
President, Habersham County Pickleball Club, Inc.
Ambassador, Habersham County, GA
Phone: 770.366.3351
Email: Peggy1Pickleball@gmail.com