February 2024 Habersham County Pickleball Club

Happy February!

Hi Peeps!

The love for pickleball within our community is unanimous!

In February, a month dedicated to Heart Health awareness, we use the opportunity to combine our love for the game with a noble cause. In celebration of Heart Health Month, we held our annual Dink Your Heart Out Round Robin on Valentine’s Day. This special event not only showcased our dinking skills but also highlighted the importance of heart health. Recognizing the significance of quick access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in emergencies, we used the registration donations to provide two AEDs to Emergency Services.

The event was a heart-warming affair, filled with enthusiastic players eager to participate and support the cause. It was a gratifying experience, knowing that our love for the sport could directly contribute to the safety and well-being of those around us.

As we continue to enjoy playing pickleball throughout the year, let’s carry with us the satisfaction of knowing that our passion has made a tangible difference in promoting heart health and safety within our community.



As we’ve promised for a long time – let’s see if we have enough interest in a third DRILL Group. This Drill Group will be for any skill level and will be for those that do NOT currently participate in another Hab Drill Group. Mike Williams and Rudy papi Valadez will rotate as leaders. Until we gauge the interest and availability, the plan is for two Thursday mornings a month at 10:30. Once the group is established, time, day, and how often may be adjusted. We’ll use outdoor courts. If you are interested, CLICK HERE to reply and advise IF Thursday morning suits you. We’ll gather information for 2 weeks, then reply to those that are interested to confirm a start date.


Our Play-In Guideline official Signage IS POSTED on the outdoor courts. The indoor guidelines are available to be placed at the paddle line-up mat. The guidelines are based on our MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Habersham County Parks and Recreation Department. This agreement allows us to guide the use of the Public Courts during scheduled hours and suggest guidelines during all other hours. Please be mindful of and follow these guidelines.


Habersham County Pickleball Club, Inc. is a proud new member of The Habersham County Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to this partnership and will report exciting news in the near future.


Your Board welcomes YOU to visit our monthly meetings. To more easily accommodate your participation, we’ve changed the location to the Aquatic Center (in the meeting room). This will allow space for seating if you’d like to join us. We realize allowing easier access to the meetings will provide transparency and will give you the opportunity for your thoughts to be heard. We will include time on the agenda for your questions and comments. Our next meeting is March 20th at 12:30.


PickleSham Palooza Tournament preparation is underway. We’ll be asking for volunteers to join the various committees. We know we can count on YOU for a YES when asked.

And That’s a WRAP!

Paddles up, Toe the line, and DINK positive!

Peggy Fortson
President, Habersham County Pickleball Club, Inc.
Ambassador, Habersham County, GA
Phone: 770.366.3351
Email: Peggy1Pickleball@gmail.com