Dink Event

February 14th

Back by popular demand! Based on the HEARTy enthusiasm from the previous two years, we will once again support National HEART HEALTH month with a Dinking Round Robin & Social. American HEART Month motivates us to examine our own health habits and take steps to improve our HEART health. What better way than to PLAY PICKLEBALL!

The DINKING ROUND ROBIN – means the entire game will be played at the (Kitchen) or non-volley zone (NVZ) line. Instructions will be provided before we start, but it’s simple; the game is the same except the serve starts at and the game continues ALL from the NVZ line.  No lobs, No slams!


Sign in starts at 9:00 until 9:45 (warm up until play starts) Play time WILL BEGIN PROMPTLY at 10:00. We will play until games conclude (around 12:30) then enjoy lunch, have fun, & socialize.

Registration is $20 (includes lunch).

Intermediate & beginner skill level will play in one GYM, and
3.5 skill level and above will play in one GYM.
(Weather permitting, we will play outdoors.)

RSVP by Feb. 9th at noon
REGISTER for Intermediate or Advanced.